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Enhancing quality of life through midlife and beyond

Our primary concern is that of the quality of aging to not only preserve but to enhance health, and well-being, through midlife and beyond.

Normal aging usually involves a gradual deterioration in prostatic, urinary and hormonal functions. This natural decline in sexual function does not need to be an accepted and mandatory part of aging. Some changes will inevitably occur but can be minimized and satisfactory sexual performance maintained or restored. The aging process itself can be muted if sexual intimacy is preserved.

Restoring health and well-being

We cover a range of closely related urological issues that may impact quality of life:

  • Prostate and Male Urinary Function
    • Male incontinence is extremely common and usually the end result of a normally enlarging prostate
    • Normal aging usually involves a natural and gradual deterioration in prostatic, urinary and hormonal functions
    • Evaluation and assessment is usually office based and only minimally invasive
    • Multiple treatments depending on the disease process with most common including medication and /or surgery (multiple choices … we only use those that have been proven to be effective … just being new may not offer the best outcomes
  • Sexual Function
    • Erectile dysfunction is very common affecting 52% of men who are age 50
    • Peyronie’s disease is also very common affecting up to 10.9% of men, incidence increasing with age
    • Such complex issues require a highly specialised urologist who can address all aspects of the associated urological issues in order to offer the best combination of all available treatment options
    • Almost always there is an optimal solution for each individual patient
  • Hormonal Status
    • Hormone levels tend to decline roughly 1.5% per year from age 30
    • Testosterone deficiency has significant health implications including 33% greater risk of death
    • Imbalanced hormone levels are also tied to increased risk of other disorders such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease
    • Testosterone replacement therapy can help prevent these issues

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