Male Incontinence

Male incontinence is common and can be affected by many issues. Normal aging usually involves a natural and gradual deterioration in prostatic, urinary and hormonal functions. While there are many types of male incontinence, the type addressed here can occur if the sphincteric mechanism becomes incompetent. This usually occurs post intervention typically after a radical prostatectomy, or sporadically post TURP, radiation therapy and/or both.

Adequate treatment may require implantation of an artificial genito-urinary sphincter (AGUS). The American Medical Systems Sphincter 800 is the only available device:

  • Cuff size is determined intraoperatively and needs to be very precise to be effective
  • One or two cuffs may be used depending on requirements
  • Pump is usually placed in scrotum though there is an option for placing this in the lower abdominal wall
  • Can be done along with a penile prosthesis (synchronously or asynchronously)

Symptoms can be controlled and quality of life restored

Note … even though male slings are available we no longer offer this option … experience has shown that the outcomes do not appear to be sufficiently reliable.

The AGUS affords an elegant solution to a very distressing problem.