Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment of erectile dysfunction is our primary area of interest. This problem is very common and affects 52% of men at age 50 years. Unfortunately, this area has been heavily targeted with both misleading information and deceptive advertising. Patients need to be evaluated by a Urologist, who not only specializes in this area, but who is able to address all of the associated Genito-Urinary issues. And they need to be able to offer all of the available treatment options.

All causes of impotence can be treated successfully. There is no one answer which is right for every patient. But there is a choice that is most appropriate for you.

Our seamless, and effective, approach has been specifically designed to minimize the time, and the extent, of the evaluation required. This has also been designed to maximally ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

We offer the complete range of treatment options

  • Medication by Mouth (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra etc.)
    • Please note that responses can be idiosyncratic and need to be individualized.
  • Vacuum Erection Devices
  • Penile Traction Devices
  • Penile Injection Therapy
  • Penile Wearable Devices (Elator, Xialla etc.)
  • Penile Implants
    • Our extensive experience addresses all the subtleties that need to be considered in order to achieve the desired results
  • LI-ESWT (Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy)
    • Treatment is safe and is an office procedure and can be used in conjunction with, and also enhances, other treatments
    • FDA-approved off label (and can be used even if anticoagulated)
    • Over 79% effective in improving erectile dysfunction
    • The preferred device is the Spark Wave (Urogold 100) designed by the maker of Shock Wave therapy devices for the treatment of kidney stones and felt to be the best available device
    • Note: Please avoid acoustic or radiofrequency treatments which are popular but ineffective. Many of the machines currently marketed are ballistic radial devices: EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) and (RSWT) Radial Shockwave Therapy and do not produce a true medical shockwave according to the (ISMT) International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment
  • P-Shot (also called a Priapus shot)
    • Uses the patient’s own activated platelet rich plasma
    • Office-based procedure where platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood then activated and safely re-injected into the penis
    • Improves both erectile function and sensation, and enhances other treatments so often used together

Impotence is reversible. You do not have to accept erectile dysfunction. There is no one but answer which is right for every patient – there is a choice that is right for you.