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no-scalpel vasectomy

No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy

We are continually refining the vasectomy process.

Only improved, proven techniques are used.

The Needle-Less No-Scalpel approach minimizes access size and improves wound healing

  • The vas deferens is divided

    • Open-Ended approach minimizes post-procedure discomfort and improves the chance of success if a reversal is performed

    • The use of cautery, along with tissue interposition, minimizes the possibility for reconnection

The inconvenience is minimal

  • Usually only two office visits are required

    • Initial consultation is 30 minutes
    • Vasectomy is 45 minutes
    • A follow-up assessment is not typically necessary

  • Any discomfort is typically insignificant

    • No shaving is required
    • The use of pre-procedure topical anesthesia almost completely "numbs" the access area
      • needle anxiety should not be an issue
      • sedation has not ever been necessary
      • A jet inoculation technique completely avoids needle usage and completes the "numbing" effect
    • Normal activities are only minimally interrupted
      • Pain medication is usually not needed
      • The patient is almost always able to drive home
      • Work, most exercise and sexual activity can usually resume within 24 hours.

    Vasectomy is both minimally invasive and maximally convenient

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