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Prostate Cancer

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Prevention of cancer development and of cancer progression ...these include

  • lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise
    • usually very difficult to implement
    • if followed, do have a major impact
    • that which is “heart healthy is also prostate healthy”
  • nutritional supplements
    • easy to use but often of questionable benefit
      • Selenium
              ...use < 200 mcg/day
              ...most multivitamins contain an adequate dose
              ...can measure via blood test or toe nail clippings
      • Lycopene
              ...benefits and risks remain inconclusive
     obtained from food sources (tomatoes, watermelon)
              ...despite being the best anti-oxidant, probably the least useful
    • ASA
      • commonly known as aspirin
      • probably of some prostatic benefit
      • criteria for use has changed...can increase the chance of a hemorrhagic stroke
    • Some that are in common use may actually increase risk. These should be used only in safe amounts.
      • Vitamin E not exceed 400 IU /day
      • Zinc ...try not to go above 25 mg/day
              ...this may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer
     is best if this is not used over what is found in a multivitamin
  • medications
    • the types, and the indications, have changed
    • some have proven to decrease risk of prostate cancer
      • Multi-vitamin ...cheapest is best
      • Vitamin D ...400 IU bid
      • Statins ...they all seem to work about equally.
              ...3 are on patent
              ...3 are off patent and less costly
              ...cheapest may be best


  • PSA total, free and velocity (rate of change)
    • at present these have proven to be the most effective ways to suspect microscopic prostate cancer
    • however, there are inherent and significant false positive, and false negative, detection errors
    • the end result is a statistical risk-benefit choice
  • Prostatic biopsy
    • it is not possible to diagnose prostate cancer without this procedure
    • is done in the office and is almost painless (local anesthetic is routinely used)
    • most patients are very apprehensive ...if needed appropriate oral sedation can be given
    • does have risks of bleeding and infection ... fortunately both are infrequent and treatable
  • biopsy results
    • these are reviewed in detail, in the office, with the patient and if he wishes any other party
    • a copy of the results, and appropriate ancillary, information will be supplied...this will include data on the Gleason grading scores and the TNM staging system
    • if required, further testing (to complete the staging) and a follow-up visit will be arranged


  • the treatment algorithm combines the DRE (digital rectal examination) findings, the PSA (total, free, velocity) serum level, the Gleason grading score and the TNM staging system.
  • The correct treatment choice will maximize cancer free survival while minimizing the side effects of therapy.

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