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Although the treatment of erectile dysfunction is our major focus this area should not be considered to be an isolated problem. We have found, by experience, that by including the evaluation of impotence as a part of the general urological assessment that a patient's confidentiality can best be preserved. The reason for any office visit should never be obvious. Your privacy will always be respected and maintained.

The recent proliferation of accessible medical information has increased the general awareness that there are often many, and different, treatment alternatives. Unfortunately, especially in those areas related to self-esteem, the information provided is usually primarily designed to encourage the continued use of some product. This typically occurs when the touted benefits are questionable and when the end results do not justify either the risks or the costs. Sometimes other more relevant treatment choices may even be actively discouraged. This planned disinformation only compounds the patient's original concerns.

This purposeful marketing has been most blatantly obvious in the particularly vulnerable area of impotence.

Adequate rigidity, and reliable performance, are absolutely crucial to a satisfactory male sexual response. Anything less decreases a man's self-image and eventually leads to intimacy avoidance. Partners, although they are probably well aware that that there could be a physical cause (common examples are cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes, prostatic cancer etc), instead typically blame this apparently declining interest on what they perceive as their own decreasing desirability. Both parties, despite their conscious awareness of the other's concerns, are often unable to overcome their own self-esteem perceptions.

In order to be successful any treatment of male erectile dysfunction must address this pattern. Ideally this typical, almost instinctive, response would best be completely avoided. Even if established it can still be reversed by using the correct approach. However, continuing with, or selecting, inadequate choices will usually only aggravate the problem and decrease the possibility of success. The most appropriate solutions restore firm, reliable, erections and encourage the rapid re-establishment of the sexual relationship.

Our approach has been specifically designed to minimize the evaluation, and the time, required. Usually the most appropriate solution can be determined within three treatment sessions. Although there is no one treatment that is right for every patient there is a choice that is the most appropriate for you.

Less invasive treatments are the most preferable and will be used initially if indicated. Patient preference is naturally directed toward those solutions that are the least aggressive.

Other options will not be considered unless these simpler methods prove to be unsuccessful. However, if they fail to permit adequate function their continued use could actually be detrimental and may even delay the use of more appropriate therapies. In this particular situation most easy is not more better and other treatments may need to be considered.

Although there is no one treatment that is right for every patient there is a choice that is the most appropriate for you. This correct answer can only be determined after evaluation, and testing, have identified the underlying problem. If the disorder is found to be of a permanent nature then the less invasive therapies may not be adequate. Indeed the solution may require the implantation of a penile prosthesis.

This procedure represents the ultimate achievement of cosmetic surgery. Even though the implanted device is entirely internal and completely concealed, and even though the appearance of the genitalia remains totally unchanged, normal sexual function can also be restored. This is minimally invasive plastic surgery that is able to mimic natural behavior.

Excellent results require experienced selection. Although good rigidity is mandatory it is equally important to have normal flaccidity. This can only be achieved by using the specific multi-component device that is best suited to your anatomy and requirements. At the present time only two prostheses satisfy these demands. One is the Titan manufactured by Coloplast (formerly knows as Mentor). The other is the AMS 700 MS manufactured by American Medical Systems. Each has its own definite benefits and indications. Individual device selection is determined by which prosthesis will best serve your specific needs. Although other models are available they are usually not able to duplicate the desired cosmetic, and functional, results and preferably should be avoided.

Even more experienced judgment is required when there is a device malfunction or a complication. Usually the problems can be corrected and almost always function can be salvaged. Unfortunately these prostheses related difficulties should be, but are not always, infrequent occurrences. Finding the most appropriate solutions to these problems is our area of particular interest and specialization.

It is not necessary to continue making excuses. Erectile dysfunction can be resolved. You can feel confident again.

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