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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

This problem is
  • very common (52% of men who are age 50)
  • very abused (be cautious of too obvious advertising...if something seems too good to be true it usually is)
  • needs to be evaluated by a urologist who
    • specializes in this area
    • can address all of the associated urological issues
    • is able to offer all the treatment possibilities

All causes of impotence can be treated successfully

  • There is no one answer which is right for every patient
  • There is a choice which is most appropriate
  • The correct solution can only be determined by evaluation and testing

Our approach has been specifically designed

  • To minimize the time, and the extent, of the assessment required
    Most often this will only require three office visits
  • To ensure your privacy and confidentiality
    The nature of your problem
    • will not be apparent
    • will be incorporated into the routine urological evaluation

Impotence is reversible. You do not have to accept erectile dysfunction

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