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Patrick E. Wherry, MD Inc.
2505 Samaritan Drive
Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95124-4009

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Biography of Patrick E. Wherry MD FACS
  • received his medical degree from the University of Toronto
  • completed full residencies, in both general surgery and urology, at McGill University
  • has had extensive post-graduate training in microsurgery
  • received a Masters of Science for research in the area of tumor immunology
  • is the author of many published scientific articles
  • has served as a clinical investigator for experimental prosthesis design

Dr Wherry is
  • Board Certified in Urology
  • a member of the American Urological Association
  • a Fellow of
    • the American College of Surgeons
    • Royal College of Surgeons (Canada)
    • International College of Surgeons.

Dr Wherry has been in solo practice, in San Jose, since 1978. He practices general urology with a special focus on:

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